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Well-Mag Magnesium Glycinate & Vitamin D3-30 Capsules

Uses/Benefits: Promotes Muscle & Nerve Health Recommended Usage: Take one capsule daily with a meal or as suggested by the healthcare professional Adequate quantities of vitamin added in excess to ensure potency during prolonged storage. Contains permitted natural-synthetic food colour  & Class preservatives added. Ingredients: Capsule Shell (INS 646) Bulking Agent (INS 460(i)) Anticaking Agent (INS 551) Country Of Origin: […]

Weight-Loss diet plan

Weight Loss Diet Plan

Looking for the Simplest Diet plan for your body and life?For the best weight loss advice, consult us. We will give you the best weight loss diet plans that make your body fit as well as fine.Package Includes –Diet PlanLifestyle management Nutrition plan based on 100% whole Indian food that is easily available No supplements. Also lifestyle management(Workout, sleep, stress, […]

Wedding diet plan

Wedding Diet Program

Do you have your special day on your schedule when you have to put your best self forward? Our wedding diet plan will help you not only in becoming leaner naturally but will also help you to look awesome with glowing skin on your special and beautiful day. The Wedding Diet Program is explicitly programmed to assist you with inch […]

Thyriod plan

Thyroid Disease Management Diet Plan

Nutrition plan based on 100% whole Indian food that is easily available No supplements. Also lifestyle management(Workout, sleep, stress, etc.)Plan details– Customised nutrition plan (weekly plan i.e. 4 plans in one month)– 4 review calls per month– Guidance and motivation over chatPrice: 1 month: Rs 3000, 3 months Rs 7500, 6 months 12000, 12 months 18000– Real time guidance and […]

Pregenancy diet plan

Pregnancy & Post Pregnancy Diet Plan

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase in a women’s life. Eating small, frequent nutritious meals is important during pregnancy.Diet should be rich in healthy carbs, proteins, calcium, and iron.More fiber should be consumed in the diet to prevent constipation which is a common problem during pregnancy.If a woman has any medical issues like hypertension or gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy) […]

Diebeteis-Diet Plan

Diabetic Diet Plan

Along with other benefits, following a healthy meal plan and being active can help you keep your blood glucose level, also called blood sugar, in your target range.Diabetes can not be managed without dietary management.Diabetes is treated using1. Diet alone OR2. Diet + Oral Hypoglycaemic drugs OR3. Diet + Insulin So we can see without dietary management we can’t manage […]


Zyme Well Syrup

Zyme Well Syrup by RichesM, which is very effective for fungal issues.It aids the natural digestive process.Restores digestion and increases appetite.Controls symptoms like belching, bloating & flatulence.It helps in weight loss as well.