Weight Loss Diet Plan Diet Plan WeightLoss diet plan

Looking for the Simplest Diet plan for your body and life?
For the best weight loss advice, consult us. We will give you the best weight loss diet plans that make your body fit as well as fine.
Package Includes –
Diet Plan
Lifestyle management

Nutrition plan based on 100% whole Indian food that is easily available No supplements. Also lifestyle management(Workout, sleep, stress, etc.)
Plan details
– Customised nutrition plan (weekly plan i.e. 4 plans in one month)
– 4 review calls per month
– Guidance and motivation over chat
Price: 1 month: Rs 3000, 3 months Rs 7500, 6 months 12000, 12 months 18000
– Real-time guidance and motivation over chat(unlimited)

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Weight Loss Diet Plan

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